Answered By: Marc Vinyard
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Annual reports are generally only available for publicly-traded companies. If your company is privately-held, annual reports are usually not available. Also, if you company is a subsidiary you will have to conduct your search with the name of the parent company (unless the subsidiary company has its own ticker symbol).

Annual reports are intended for the company's investors and they usually include a lot of photographs. 10-K reports are required by the United States Securities and Exchange Commission and are more detailed than the glossy annual reports. Please be aware that some companies only file the 10-K report and don't publish a separate annual report.

Annual Reports and 10-k's will be available in multiple locations.

One option is the library database Mergent Online 

Example: I need a 10-K/Annual reports from Nike.

  • Type in either Nike or the ticker symbol (nke) into the box
  • Click Go
  • Click the link for Reports

Another option for 10-K/Annual Reports is to visit the company's web site and go to the "investor relations" section.

You will also be able to locate 10-K reports from the SEC Edgar web site.

If your company filed their 10-K report several months ago, you should consider consulting the 10-Q report which are filed four times a year to obtain more current information. The 10-Q reports are updated more often than the 10-K reports, but they are less detailed.

Here is a sample search for 10-Q reports in the Mergent Online:

Example: I need a list of historical 10-K reports from General Motors.

  • Click the link for Government Filings
  • Click the circle for ticker symbol and type gm into the box
  • Scroll to the section for Filing Date Search and click the circle for In this Range and set the date for 01/01/2000 to 12/31/2012
  • Scroll to Filing Type and select 10-Q
  • Click Search