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Business Source Premier has several reports market research reports with the phrase "Market Research Handbook" and the full-text won't be available in Business Source Premier.

Unfortunately, these reports won't be available in our other databases and you will not be able to request them by interlibrary loan since other libraries will not own these reports.

You can purchase them from the website for several hundred dollars, but this is unnecessary since the Pepperdine Libraries have many other market research reports that you can use free of charge (if you are affiliated with Pepperdine).

Here are some databases that you can use to locate market research information:

Database Consumer Goods Business-to-Business Services Narrower Industries International Coverage
IBISWorld Yes Very Strong Very Strong Yes Mostly U.S. with some global reports
Mintel Very Strong No Very Strong Yes

Mostly U.S. & U.K with some European reports

Passport  (Euromonitor)
Very Strong No Yes Yes Very Strong
Business Source Premier (Marketline & Datamonitor) Yes Yes Yes No Very Strong

S&P Net Advantage

Yes Yes Yes No

Mostly U.S.

Mergent Online Yes Yes Yes No Yes

This database provides the greatest variety of industry reports: consumer goods, service industries, manufacturing and business-to-business.

Example: I need a report relevant tothe ball bearing industry .

  • Type ball bearings into the box and click Search
  • Be sure to click More Results to see the next set of industry reports


An excellent source for detailed market research reports on consumer goods and services. These reports will provide market size, forecasts, market share

Example: I want market research reports relevant to Apple or Wal-Mart.

  • On the opening screen you must agree to use the database only for academic purposes
  • You must create a profile to use the database (include your Pepperdine email address, name and password)
  • Type either facebook or nike into the search box in the upper-right hand corner and click Go
  • Click the link for relevant reports
  • The reports are divided into sections
  • Section containing your search terms will appear in the results.
  • Click Table of Contents if you want to browse entire report.

Mergent Online

This database provides industry reports at a very broad level.

Example: I want a report relevant to Exxon.

  • Type either the exxon or the ticker symbol (xom) into the box and click Search
  • Click the link for Exxon Mobil
  • Click the link for Reports
  • Click the link for Industry Reports
  • Click the pdf icon next to any relevant report

Passport (formerly Global Market Information Database)

This is a good resource for consumer goods industries.

Example: I want reports on the energy drink industry.

  • Type energy drinks into the search box on the upper-right hand corner and click Go
  • You can either browse through the reports or use the links on the left-hand column to limit your results
  • You can click the links under Geography to limit results to specific regions (or choose world for a global report)

S&P Net Advantage

The S&P Industry Surveys cover industries in very broad categories. These industries are typically comprised of large, publicly-traded companies.

Example: I want an industry overview that is relevant to Cognizant.                

  • Click Industries at the top of the screen
  • Type cognizant into the Search by Company box and click the Go arrow
  • You can use the pull-down menu to select specific industry categories

Business Source Premier

Excellent resource for industry profiles. The earlier industry reports will come from Datamonitor and the newer ones will be from MarketLine. The structure is similar and they will contain total sales, forecasts, market segmentation and a list of the key companies in the industry.

  • Type global into the first box (you can also search for individual countries)
  • Type biotechnology into the second box
  • Scroll down to Publication Type and select Industry Profile
  • Click Search
  • Select reports with the title Biotechnology Industry Profile: Global

Please note that some industries, especially narrow ones might not be listed in these databases. Researching these narrower industries that are not covered in the library's industry profiles databases will be much more challenging to research. Please contact a librarian for additional research assistance.