Answered By: Marc Vinyard
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The database Business Source Premier has industry reports from MarketLine that contain Porter's Five Forces analyses.

Example: I want a report that discusses Michael Porter's Five Forces and how they relate to the cell phone industry.

  • Type mobile phones into the first box
  • Type united states into the second box
  • Scroll down to Publication Type and select Industry Profile
  • Click Search
  • The report titled Mobile Phones Industry: the United States from the company MarketLine will have a five forces analysis
  • This analysis is very brief and you will likely have to consult other resources to complete your 5 forces analysis

The IBISWorld database doesn't use the term "Porter's Five Forces" in any of it's reports, but the profiles will help with a Porter's Five Forces analysis because the reports will discuss concepts such as "barriers to entry.

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  1. Hi, I followed the steps mentioned above but I only got one result and it's not exactly what I am looking for. I would like to do my research paper using Porter's Five Forces in relation to the MBA industry. How could I do this?
    by June on Jun 17, 2016.